"Capitalism brings war as clouds bring storms, but in the course of the war the conditions for a re-dislocation of capitalism are created."

“Communism is our terrain of struggle, and work our enemy.”

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what are you politically?


occupy the workplaces

all power to the worker’s councils

abolish class society

down with the state apparatus

abolish alienation

abolish the spectacle commodity society

Humanity wont be happy until the last capitalist is hung with the guts of the last bureaucrat. 

This "Dearly Beloved" track is so beautiful I've had your blog open just listening to it.

It’s from the soundtrack of Kingdom Hearts (cue the laughter) and it means so much to me (cue even more laughter). Every time I listen to it nostalgia and a weak vibration of happiness envelops me. It’s serene. It centres me when I’m upset.

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we should not think of freedom as a universal which is gradually realized over time, or which undergoes quantitative variations, greater or lesser drastic reductions, or more or less important periods of eclipse. it is not a universal which is particularized in time and geography. Freedom is not a white surface with more or less numerous black spaces here and there and from time to time. Freedom is never anything other — but this is already a great deal — than an actual relation between governors and governed, a relation in which the measure of the ‘too little’ existing freedom is given by the ‘even more’ freedom demanded. So when I say ‘liberal’ I am not pointing to a form of governmentality which would leave more white spaces of freedom. I mean something else. By

Michel Foucault, The Birth of Biopolitics: Lectures at the College de France 1978-1979 pg. 63 (via dw-miller)

please stop using the word “broken” to describe people

it reinforces the notion that depressed individuals need to ‘fix’ themselves and are essentially “broken”

this is toxic for those that, through self-loathing, perceive themselves as “broken” 

take your bullshit elsewhere, namely a dictionary website to find a more adequate word to use